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The Pros And Cons Of Cloud Administrations - 1042 Words

The majority of us have been found out about the most cloud security disappointments in which all the cloud innovation organizations are kept on developing, despite everything they endure a similar kind of issues in-house infrastructures. Distributed computing has turned into a greatest market in the present innovation. In a report of 2016, experts at Gartner anticipated that exchanging to cloud will influence $1 Trillion in Information innovation in the following five years. Cloud administrations showcase has developed to a degree level that it was not a striking level of aggregate it is spending, which was creating new innovations and new businesses which are conceived in the cloud. At the point when cloud administrations are going†¦show more content†¦After this real assault, Adobe has made the apparently positive signal of offering a year worth of credit checking which was just to stagger into another PR debacle for all the influenced clients. Knight Capital: Knight capital is cloud based stock exchanging programming. As per New York post, Knight capital on a wrong and a computerized programming which depended on an off base calculation which predominantly costs a firm amazing $440 million in only forty-five minutes. New York post has been depicted it as Meltdown holding up to happen. The program programming which was erroneously has purchased the stocks at the market cost bringing about a few billion dollars of undesirable positions, previously offering the stocks at the offer cost for less cash. This Error has cleared 75 percent of the knight capitals value esteem, which was in the aftermath from the occurrence Knight capital was fined $12 million by the securities and trade commission. In the long run they needed to pitch their business to algorithmic exchanging organization GETCO for a consolidation $3.75/share. Virtualization significantly originates from various structures this was recognized basically by the layer in which the registering framework to which virtualization is connected. All virtualization structures will have an element called a hyper visor or virtual machine screen (VMM). This is the real focal unit which controls every one ofShow MoreRelatedBenefits Of Moving On Cloud Providers, Pros And Cons Essay723 Words   |  3 PagesFROM: Aaron Bennett, Chief Financial Officer DATE: September 9, 2015 SUBJECT: Possibility to move IT infrastructure to cloud providers, pros and cons The following contains the pros and cons of moving IT infrastructure to cloud providers. As well as how the company may benefit strategically from moving out current ERP system to cloud computing. Also, as requested certain cloud computing jargon will be defined. Definitions Software as a service (SAAS) – is a way to deliver applications via the internetRead MoreInterstantaneous Information Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pagesand businesses together through an interconnected system of servers known as â€Å"the cloud†. As defined by IBM, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources over the internet on a pay-for-use basis. This concept allows companies to harness incredible amounts of processing power, power that was inconceivable a mere decade ago. As more and more companies have adopted and integrated these systems of cloud computing into their business infrastructure, debates have arisen over whether itRead MoreSeismic Imaging Project1130 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation security management principles and processes need to be applied to SCADA systems without exception. 3. Discuss the pros and cons of moving enterprise-wide applications that have traditionally been supported on-premises to the cloud. Pros of cloud Enterprise – Wide Applications: Technical Advantages: †¢ No equipment required, everything is facilitated in the cloud. †¢ choice to select the programming models, languages, in operating systems and databases †¢ shift in several environments – DevelopmentRead MoreFive Best Search Engine Optimization Tools Essay1245 Words   |  5 Pagesimprovements. It is a user friendly tool that will help you to know how to improve your site performance. Pros †¢ Helps to examine page speed †¢ Provides recommendation to improve site performance †¢ Helps to know page load time †¢ Provides total page sites and number of requests †¢ User friendly Cons †¢ Not good for keyword analysis Link: #Number 9: SECockpit SECockpit is completely cloud based, it requires no installation on your PC. The system is additionally streamlined for mobile useRead MoreCase Analysis : Carlson Company1333 Words   |  6 Pagesand storage arrays by adding extra IP storage switches as well as easily expanding the core of Ethernet switches by simply adding more switches; also using firm and well-understood IP networking technologies to aid in decreasing the continued administration and management of storage networking; and placing storage data over IP enables integration of more capable storage services for Carlson’s enterprise-wide network as a whole. In today’s environment organization’s long for cost-effective approachesRead MoreUnit 1 Assignment And Labs1505 Words   |  7 Pagestopology. In 10Base5, for instance, every gadget interfaces with a solitary strand of the coaxial link by means of a vampire tap. This gadget takes advantage of the single strand of the coaxial link and gives the p hysical association from a systems administration gadget to the single strand of the link. (Deal, 2015) In a ring topology, gadget one associated with gadget two, gadget two interfaces with gadget three, et cetera to the last gadget, which associates back to the principal gadget. Ring topologiesRead MoreThe Cloud Computing Technology Is An Architecture Based On Saas And Paas Over Internet1112 Words   |  5 Pagessuccessfully achieve their projects or goals. â€Å"As the case of extreme scientists† states cloud computing, as professor â€Å"Varma† says, the usage of cloud computing been highly impacting in organizational growth, based on software as a service and platform as a service (Varma, S. 2015). This cloud computing technology is an architecture based on SaaS and PaaS over internet. In this case study â€Å"Dr. Schadt† used cloud computing for easy access of data, more storage capability and cost effectiveness. FewRead MoreAndroid Research Paper1007 Words   |  5 Pagesday tasks. Google drive Google drive offers cloud based file syncing and storage integrating Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and photo apps. It is a free app available from the Play store but also have an in app purchase features for storage packages. Google drive has got a very fast upload speed of files, offers a larger storage capacity for free, offers room for expansion for more storage for a certain fee, integrates several apps that can use its cloud storage capabilities, compatible with all theRead MoreCloud Computing Risks Business Adoption925 Words   |  4 Pagesor down-times for small business using cloud computing. The research on the articles used helped to apply Bloom’s Taxonomy for knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It was very exciting to find scholarly articles on the subject of the current research. The hardest part is developing an organized system that flows easily with life’s current priorities. Summary of Articles Review Qasim, H., Abu-Shanab, E. (2014). Cloud Computing Risks Business Adoption. InternationalRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Using E-Tendering in Singapore Construction Industry4695 Words   |  19 PagesTHE PROS AND CONS OF USING E-TENDERING IN SINGAPORE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY First names YAP Last name YEE THARM Abstract: E-tendering is a relatively new and modern technique of tending system. The transaction can be done from business-to-business, business-to-consumer or Business-to-government buy and sale of goods, works and services through the Internet or other networking systems. This paper examines the pros and cons of using E-tendering in the Singapore Construction Industry and the future

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The Media Affects Me - 1313 Words

The Media Affects â€Å"Me†? When was the last time one stopped to think how much time he/she spends on the media, or the last time that one had a face to face conversation? According to the Pew Research Center, the use of smartphones in particular has increased an astounding 33% from 2011 to 2015 (Anderson). The media is affecting the general population, but most of all the development of children in more ways than adults, of which some may cause lifelong problems for the children. The use of the media and other electronics has drastically increased over the past 4 years, but it is said to increase even more in the coming years. This is leading harmful effects, specifically on children and adolescents, causing bad behaviors and attitudes, decreased intelligence, and worst of all health problems/concerns. There is no doubt that children and adolescent have an attitude problem and a bad behavior. But what some people fail to notice or bring attention to is why? Some may say that it is stress, or a habit, but while those ideas may be true, one of the major factors is the media. The media influences adolescents attitudes and behaviors significantly causing them problems in the future. A study done by the Salem Health shows that the ideas and/or images that are portrayed on the internet can actually affect the way children view the world and the people who live around them. The media reinforces or encourages gender and ethnic stereotypes along with rude and judgmental behaviorShow MoreRelatedSocial Media And Its Effects On Society1702 Words   |  7 Pagessnakes, or the boogie monster. However, what if I told you that social media is causing widespread fear across the nation to its millions of users. Yes, that is correct†¦ Facebook, Instagram, virtual game worlds, blogs, and collab orative projects are causing fear. This is referred to as FOMO, or the fear of missing out, causing unnecessary depression, anxiety, and unhappiness to those who participate in social media. Although social media was initially created to connect us to other individuals, it hasRead MoreEffects Of Social Media Essay1098 Words   |  5 PagesSocial media has become an essential in life for a teenager. It is a place where teens can connect to the internet and share experiences with their family and friends that no one really sees. In most situations, social media is a fun place to go to entertain oneself. However, the use of these sites can be risky to teens. Social media has put teenagers in situations that are both dangerous and harmful physically and mentally. This being said, social media can negatively affect a teenagers safetyRead MoreHow Mass Communication Approach Can Change Into Perspective1504 Words   |  7 PagesThere are different usage of media which can attracted many people attention and how it goes into beyond descriptive of what being saying and how to receive it. There are types of media that can regulate that shows the being affect for the society these days. Specifically focusing into relaying information to different typed of â€Å"receivers†. Depending on the person outlook since can be very the key on how mass communication approach can change into perspective. This can understand with differentRead MoreWhat Makes You The Person You Are? Essay1093 Words   |  5 Pagesbiologically, when we are born we have a sex female or male. Socialization helps create the person you will be. Your family starts to raise you through their beliefs. The peers come along and help you become the person you are without your parents. Then media comes and influences you to other cultures and beliefs. This is when family socialization begins, based on the sex parents start giving gender roles. When you find out someone is pregnant the first question asked is what is the sex? If it is a girlRead MoreConsumerism in Children1448 Words   |  6 PagesFelicia Gardner HMXP 102 Dr. Matthew Fike October 13, 2010 Consumerism In Children Introduction When I was two years old my mother enrolled me in gymnastics. Gymnastics was a huge part of my life for the next four years. After moving up to be with the fourteen and fifteen year olds my mother realized that something was not right, because I was having body issues at the age of six. In the text â€Å"How Do Our Children Get So Caught Up In Consumerism† by Brian Swimme he addresses the issue of how deeplyRead MoreThe Effect Of Media On Young Girls And Their Self Esteem1590 Words   |  7 PagesMegan Jones Qualitative Research Project The influence media has on young girls and their self-esteem The media and advertisements are meant to influence our everyday lives in society. Young girls are being exposed today more than ever to the over sexualized images of women within the media, advertisements and in pop culture. Young girls are seeing these types of images everyday either in magazines, television shows, movies or fashion. The research questions I propose to explore: â€Å"Are the imagesRead MoreThe media have largely negative effects on people. It affects people of all ages, genders, and600 Words   |  3 PagesThe media have largely negative effects on people. It affects people of all ages, genders, and races. Effects are defined as a change that results when something is done or happens or a particular mood or feeling created by something. The media does this in both a positive and negative way but it’s negative effects are much worse and more numerous. Mass media does affect the way in which people think and act. Its positive influences are celebrated, but i ts negative effects are something not beneficialRead MoreCritical Analysis: Social Media Essay1292 Words   |  6 PagesAnthony Moye ENGL 101 Sec. 5 Fall 2012 They Say / I Say Essay 1 Critical Analysis: Social Media Find me on Twitter, Facebook, and even MySpace, because we are here to change the world so â€Å"follow† me. I have read the writings of Malcolm Gladwell and Dennis Baron to analyze and write about. They have both presented different points and ideas on the significance of social media and how it has affected our world past and present. Gladwell’s essay, â€Å"Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not BeRead MoreEssay721 Words   |  3 Pagesadvertisers were to assume anything about me, based on the ads on my social media, there would be an obvious trend. A trend where horses are involved. Of course, like anything, there is evidence to support my theory of the so called trend. The fact that I purchase horse related objects online would suggest to some that I have a life involving horses. My interests outside of school would also give outside observers ammunition to make assumptions about me. Of course, my search history is another importantRead MoreLove As A Young A dult906 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause he said â€Å"I put you above everything and you don’t, I’m your last priority.† I did not understand what he was trying to say to me, his definition of love is putting the one he loves before him and for me it is not the way I see love to be. I think love is loving yourself to be able to love someone else and be able to make them happy. So I wonder is this wrong of me, is this what it is to love someone? What is your definition of love? There are many definitions of love more than just the one that

Managing Workplace Stress Free Essays

string(158) " for telecommunications services as well as the innovations obtainable through benchmarking as well as an in-depth research of the industry \(Siebel, 2001\)\." While there are existing businesses and constantly changing competitive business environments, the skills required to not only run a business but to sustain its performance and, more importantly, to rise above the rest are deemed of utmost significance. Although the employees in a specific company’s workforce are separate individuals in one way or another, it cannot be doubted that the overall performance of the workforce poses a great amount of influence in the total functioning of every company. While achieving this particular objective, this also causes stress in the workforce which may led to a decrease in productivity levels of employees. We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Workplace Stress or any similar topic only for you Order Now This is one of the reasons why stress management procedures are crucial to every business venture. More importantly, a great deal of the creation and management of teams to make them more effective rests at the heart of business undertakings if they feel like they are not working at all.  Read also Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Similar to a well-oiled machine composed of individual but interrelated parts, it can be said that business management teams, in order to accomplish and even surpass their goals, are expected to work together fluently and effectively with the indispensable addition of satisfaction and low stress levels. The smooth interaction and constant dealings of these people in the business organization will most likely lead to favorable consequences in the operations of the business from a larger scheme. On the other hand, the weight of the team manager in assembling a team that is composed of individuals that are not stressed fit well the positions they are to handle is of paramount importance as well. This is because a team that is created with members occupying specific positions strictly in accordance to their capabilities and related experiences is a team whose identifiable roles are devoid of apparent complications and performance-related problems related to stress (Foxman, 2006). Individual and team conflicts may never be far behind inn such a scenario in a stressful working environment. One way in order to preempt such an unwanted instance is to practice techniques that will ensure a high team performance. The Relationship of Stress and Alterations in Health In man’s day to day activities, there are certain factors that hinder him from functioning normally in the office. It may be physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of any of these three. As long as it incapacitates him or debilitates him from doing things normally, then it is a problem that needs to be taken care of. These factors are what are commonly known as stress. According to Peurifov, stress is defined as the â€Å"forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. † Putting it on the medical language, stress is considered as disruption of the balance in our bodies or homeostasis by means stimulus which is physical or psychological in nature (Peurifoy, 2005). These stress stimuli can be of different natures like mental, physiological, anatomical or physical involuntary reactions of our body. There are several processes of our body which we don’t really has a direct control over it. It can be an involuntary habit or reaction that usually arises when something familiar or unfamiliar happens or shows up. If the occurrence of stress made a greater impact to the person, it could be the cause of several serious changes in the person. These changes are alterations in the human health, as it is caused by stress. Once a person is exposed to a certain traumatic stress, he could be facing various changes in the limbic system, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and some important neurotransmitters. Some manifestations of these alterations can be classified into hyper arousal, dissociation, numbing, and the reoccurrence of certain trauma. Stress and traumatic experiences may trigger several parts of the human brain, most especially the limbic system, which is responsible for maintaining the chemical balance of the body or homeostasis depending on the outside factors. Several networks of the neural regions can be greatly affected in the occurrence of stress and traumatic experiences (Colbert, 2005). When this occurs, the brain could have involuntary abnormal reactions to similar, non-traumatic situations. The messages being sent by the brain to the different parts of the body is affected or hampered at times. There are also several researches that points out the effects of stress on the human’s immune system, as it was examined with different kinds of psychological stressors. Some highlights on the research showed that psychological stress can possibly be able to alter or change a person’s response to a vaccine, thus increasing the risk of infection (Glaser, 1996). It is relevant because we are able to see how the body actually reacts to the occurrence of these live viruses, and how our bodies respond to it. Stress alterations are also being tested on its effect on the body’s ability to repair the wound, since it was found that those undergoing psychological stress heals a lot slower than those who are in a normal living condition (Harding, 2006). The impending problem regarding this matter is about the lingering signs of stress after a stressful experience has occurred. An accident may have caused a post-traumatic stress disorder on a certain person, yet he is unable to notice this. Because of this, he suffers from continued impairment and incapacity as a normal human being. This could be caused by undetected injuries that could have resulted from an assault, several alterations in health behaviors, compromised immune system functioning and several stress-induced health issues (Brealey, 2006). If these concerns are not taken care of, this could lead to permanence in the alteration that he is suffering which would impair the patient for a very long period of time instead of recovering from the stress. The Case of Telstra. One case which can be used as an example is that of Telstra. Aimed at competing with major telecommunications players, the company resorted to create a business team that will seek the most desirable designs for telecommunications services as well as the innovations obtainable through benchmarking as well as an in-depth research of the industry (Siebel, 2001). You read "Managing Workplace Stress" in category "Papers" In order to find the most suitable individuals that will fill-up the various positions in the team, it is an imperative for the prospective team members with varied expertise to be derived from various departments in Telstra. This way, the time to adapt to the company culture may be lessened and at the same time decrease stress in the workplace. Thus, this particular move could inhibit higher productivity. In general, the consequent results to the objective of managing stress in the team and will be reported to higher management for future stress management procedures. With several hefty expectations pending, the composition of the team should indeed be one which is devoid of or at least with very minimal complications so as to accomplish the objective of minimizing stress in the workplace completely. Primarily, the type of team being assembled is a cross-functional task force since the aim is to create a team for Telstra composed of employees coming from different departments that can be dissolved after the completion of the task with minimum stress. Conversely, the team is temporary by nature and, hence, there is a strong desire to compound the best employees of varying expertise. In the same way, this could provide an avenue for the discovery of new environments which lessens stress and competition within the company (Bruzzese, 2007). Further, there are several essential measures that must be taken in order to achieve the ends. One of these is to place the finest employee in a position in accordance to his or her expertise. Another essential measure is to highlight the common purpose of the team as well as to ensure trust among the team members and the team manager. Granting incentives and sharing motivations will aid the team surpass challenges along the way thereby also reducing stress and motivating workers at the same time. Although conflicts in the performance of each of the team members may tend to arise, the key is to be able to work with the stress in the office and still pursue the tasks at hand. Stress Management Skill of Managers Enhances Productivity Levels On the other hand, a figure of an effective manager does not only circle around the vicinity of technical and intellectual capabilities. It also requires a huge heart with sentiments not for personal advantage alone, but for the creation a harmonious relationship with the group and at the same time reducing work related stress. It does not mean that the leader, having been vested with the power to rule or govern over the organization, will be inconsiderate of his constituents’ feelings. Managers must bear in mind that the position under his control requires much in conceptual and emotional skills, rather than technicalities. Internal and External Demands According to Miller, Several organizational changes which are blatantly occurring in the 21st Century pressures conventional managers to be more agile and resilient so as to meet the standard constraints in the extremities on complex and interdependent organizations, which on a state of realization is quite hard to comply (Miller, 2008). As a result, some organizations find themselves hooked a maze of mistakenly trying to be all things to be all people in an attempt to meet proficient external and internal demands and creating stress among employees along the way. The form of leadership required for organizations must align with visualization, resources, and dedication to sustain a frontward impetus in the midst of modifications in twists of challenges faced by the organization (O’Connor, 2005). This helps a lot in reducing work-related stress in the office as employees are faced with an outlook driven goal like in the case of Telstra. Leadership, as defined, is an element of interaction armed with the power to supervise, command, lead and influence members under his leadership in achieving the specified organizational goals willingly, which then implies that effective stress management is collaborative (Miller, 2008). However, the precise definition of the term seemingly confuses many for the reason that application of the word along with its function varies on the nature of the organization, its type, the contingency of the environment, and the leadership style which is to be applied. The complexity of the word is vast and puzzling which then requires conceptualization and analysis, or else a slight mistake on its utilization may shatter the organization as a whole. Human Resource Issues and Challenges to Consider – Including Suggested Solutions. The challenge to have a trained and skilled workforce is the ultimate competitive advantage for any organization. This is also an implied reason why stress should effectively be managed in the workplace (Wheeler, 2007). The rapidly expanding base of new information and technologies affects every one of us, from factory floor to business office and this causes stress. No matter how capable or successful an organization is, like Telstra, if staff training and continuing education is overlooked, there will be problems in the organization. The challenge is to get the best value for the training dollars spent by choosing training that suits the needs of the company and least impacts the bottom line. In order to meet the challenge of reducing stress in the workplace, comprehensive approach to employee development can be adopted like what Telstra does. Set goals and reach them, identifying the needs, developing the right intervention, and delivering a practical, results-oriented solution. Interactive training is designed for the adult learner, requiring involvement in the learning process (Luskin and Pelletier, 2006). Handle specialized workplace challenges with customized group training. Handle challenges specific to the organization (Siebel, 2001). A good approach is to maximize training dollars spent by tailoring content to the organization’s explicit situation to produce the results needed. For instance, Telstra employs top-notch trainers who can combine their experiences with the latest in learning techniques in stress management for interactive sessions that emphasize skill development and application. Analysis on Stress Management. Stress Management in Telstra fragility caters two factors, the dependent and independent variables which simultaneously changes depending on the type of manager, the type of stress reducing procedure being imposed which adheres with the level of knowledge and skills required for the certain designation as well as the height of control which is to be employed (O’Connor, 2005). Stress management patterns of today’s generation are carefully crafted and studied for the benefit of the certain organizations seeking for clarity in the intricacy of some theories, otherwise, a clashing of actions will most likely float up. How to cite Managing Workplace Stress, Papers

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IT Workaround System

Table of Contents What Is Workaround? Why to Use Workaround? How to Use Workaround? Where to Use Workaround? When To Use Workaround? Workaround Vs Resistance to Change References What Is Workaround? Organizations must have contingency plans to cater for their system failures. Most operations within various organizations are likely to stall. Thus, the workaround is significant. Generally, a workaround refers to a basic methodology applied to accomplish specific objectives (Majchrzak Gasser, 1991).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on IT Workaround System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The application of the process is temporarily and occurs when the normal execution strategy fails. This strategy is applied within operations involving information technology. In such circumstances, the strategy is appropriate in times of system failures. These might involve programming, hardware defaults and communication challeng es. The workaround is used to overcome notable technicalities within the operations in organizations. Once this aim is achieved, the organization may abandon the workaround strategy. Therefore, it is notable that a workaround provides a short-term solution during potential challenges (Gasser, 1986). Indicatively, these challenges are associated with failures in information technology. It might be extremely challenging to develop innovative and transformative operation systems within most business organizations. The project leaders have the responsibility to establish robust mechanisms to enhance the success of a workaround. The workaround enables the development specialists to concentrate in other vital information technology process within the organization. The efficiency of the workaround depends on several important factors. For instance, the areas prone to potential challenges must be identified and classified. This requires an application of a comprehensive approach (Reiher, 20 12). In addition, the targeted efficiency of the workaround must be determined. It is the obligation of the developers within organizations to undertake these roles. The efficiency of the workaround depends on the knowledge and experience of the information and technology experts. These significant considerations are appropriate within all organizations. Particularly, this relates to agencies that deal with highly sensitive information and process. Most professionals term the workaround as a â€Å"crisis mitigation strategy.† Ideally, this is because it increases the level of efficiency within all processes. Why to Use Workaround? The workaround is important in many ways. They form critical components of temporary solutions to constant technological problems within organizations. Certain technological breakdowns might lead to information breaches within organizations. These might include sensitive and confidential information regarding external or internal stakeholders.Advert ising Looking for essay on it? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the application of a workaround helps to rectify the information breach. Therefore, it is a crucial tool for enhancing security. The concept is vital, especially, in the era of increased global threat landscape. The workaround motivates and increases the resilience of the general system within a particular organization. Through its application, the workaround enables the information technology personnel to develop more innovative and resilient strategies (Campbell, 2012). Risk management is a continuous process within all organizations. Within most agencies, the workaround forms part of the risk management procedure. Observably, it plays a significant role in the reinforcement of risk management initiatives. The workaround helps to sustain production processes within specific entities. Notably, disruptions within organizational operations might cause sever e implications. Consequently, these have the capacity to cause detrimental impacts to all relevant stakeholders of the organization. It is also imperative to note that a workaround helps in saving time (Gasser, 1986). Apparently, there is a lot of time wasted when developers try to restore the normal operations. This is observable during system failures. However, these delays are minimized with the implementation of the workaround processes. These include some of the reasons why a workaround should be applied within all entities. How to Use Workaround? The different types of workaround are used in varied mechanisms. For instance, a particular workaround may be applied whenever an individual faces challenges in down loading TV shows. The â€Å"turbo mode† helps in this process. Principally, this is evident after accessing the targeted bay through the â€Å"opera internet browser.† The â€Å"turbo mode† helps to compress and elevate the speed of web browsing (Reih er, 2012). This process enhances the level of efficiency for all slower connections. The process is one of the direct methods of using a definite workaround. There are critical steps to be observed while using a workaround. For example, the process must involve the identification of the potential challenges. Apart from this, the project managers must be keen to provide sensitive and educative information on how to use the system. Capacity building is an important component of a workaround process. The initiative is vital for other employees who lack expertise knowledge on information technology. These may also be applicable to all other end users of the system. Different companies and global corporations apply different types of workaround. Apple includes one of the corporations that employ a unique methodology for its workaround process. The installation of a â€Å"SimUText† on the â€Å"Mountain Lion Machine† may involve the use of a distinct workaround. An individua l must run the â€Å"SimUText† after its installation (Ellison, Heino Gibbs, 2006). There are critical steps to be followed in case of denial of process. This helps to solve the problem of denial. Clicking of the â€Å"OK† button helps to rectify the denial dialog box. The setup provides crucial guidelines that must be followed by all users. This process ensures that the challenge is solved.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on IT Workaround System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Where to Use Workaround? Most competitive organizations apply robust and transformative technologies within their operations. A workaround is appropriate within operations involving confidential and important processes (Karpf, 2010). A workaround is also relevant within continuous operations. These operations do not require any form of disturbance. The basic aim is to enhance sustainability of these operations. Therefore, cus tomers are able to access the required services and obtain quality attention from the operations. The workaround initiatives may also be implemented during the development of new management information systems within organizations. The systems developers have to establish innovative workaround mechanisms to combat gross interferences. This is because the development and propagation of new technologies might cause unknown disruptions. There are technicalities related to the operation of new systems. Therefore, the workaround processes are needed in such circumstances (Gasser, 1986). Other than the stated cases, a workaround is also important in cases where there is upgrading of the basic technological processes. The information and network systems within business organizations require persistent monitoring and development. Such initiatives might interfere with the normal operations within such firms. However, the application of a workaround helps to stop these eminent challenges. Whe n To Use Workaround? A workaround program may be applied in different situations. Importantly, it should be noted that system failure provides the basic backbone for any workaround program. Different challenges are faced during emailing processes or while using the internet. These may require the application of a workaround program (Ambrose Chiravuri, 2010). For instance, files that cause barriers during the emailing operations pose great security threats within all systems. Evidently, it is upon the various developers to monitor these barriers. Moreover, they also bear the responsibility to execute the appropriate strategies aimed at maintaining the flow of information. In such cases, a simpler methodology would be applied in solving the challenge. A typical workaround methodology for this problem may be the application of another internet program to send the email. Other unique situations within different agencies may necessitate the use of a workaround program. For example, thes e include the situations that involve the stripping of codes from the basic â€Å"HTML file.† This problematic condition is widely notable when these files are transferred in form of attachments (Reiher, 2012).Advertising Looking for essay on it? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The best workaround process is to copy and paste all these contents into the relevant email. The idea is to avoid sending the email in an attachment form to the various recipients. The process demonstrates a typical situation in which a workaround may be necessary. Workaround Vs Resistance to Change There are potential impacts of the increased rate of globalization and technological developments. Resistance within organizations is getting more common. There are different reasons why individuals resist change. Generally, most individuals resist change due to fear. Change processes involve unique practices. These might not sound well to all persons within organizations. Most people use a workaround methodology to resist change. This is observable in situations where the change processes are intensive and time consuming (Campbell, 2012). Resistance to any constructive transformation occurs in diverse forms. People are more likely to be silent. Conversely, they might work-around the rel evant technological applications. The workaround strategy has been applied in most organizations by personalities. The aim is to sabotage critical change processes. The management has the obligation to investigate and correct any instances of workaround aimed at sabotaging change processes. References Ambrose, P. J. Chiravuri, A. (2010). A socio-cognitive interpretation of the potential effects of downsizing on software quality performance. Information Systems Journal, 20 (3), 239–265. Campbell, D. (2012). Public Managers in Integrated Services Collaboratives: What Works Is Workarounds. Public Administration Review, 72 (5), 721–730. Ellison, N., Heino, R. Gibbs, J. (2006). Managing Impressions Online: Self-Presentation Processes in the Online Dating Environment. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 11 (2), 415–441. Gasser, L.. (1986). The Integration of Computing and Routine Work. ACM Transactionson Information Systems, 4 (3), 205 – 225 Karpf, D. (2010). Online Political Mobilization from the Advocacy Group’s Perspective: Looking Beyond Clicktivism. Policy Internet, 2 (4), 7–41. Majchrzak, A. Gasser, L. (1991). On Using Artificial Intelligence to Integrate the Design of Organizational and Process Change in US Manufacturing. Artificial Intelligence and Society, 5 (4), 321-338. Reiher, M. (2012). Relativistic Douglas–Kroll–Hess theory. WIREs Comput Mol Sci, 2 (1), 139–149. This essay on IT Workaround System was written and submitted by user Valentin Sweeney to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Korpus Linguistik Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers, Research Papers Korpus Linguistik Rosemary | 25 Mei 2014 [pic] 1.0 Pengenalan Apakah itu korpus linguistik? Corpus linguistik adalah satu kajian bahasa dan kaedah analisis linguistik yang menggunakan koleksi teks asli atau "sebenar perkataan" yang dikenali sebagai corpus. Corpus linguistik digunakan untuk menganalisis dan penyelidikan beberapa soalan linguistik dan menawarkan wawasan yang unik ke dalam dinamik bahasa yang telah menjadikan ia salah satu daripada metodologi linguistik yang paling banyak digunakan. Sejak corpus linguistik melibatkan penggunaan korpora besar yang terdiri daripada berjuta-juta atau kadangkala bilion kata-kata, ia banyak bergantung kepada penggunaan komputer untuk menentukan apa kaedah-kaedah mengawal bahasa dan apa patters (tatabahasa atau leksikal misalnya) berlaku. Oleh itu, ia tidak menghairankan bahawa linguistik korpus muncul dalam bentuk moden hanya selepas revolusi komputer pada 1980-an. The Brown Corpus, corpus moden dan boleh dibaca secara elektronik yang pertama, bagaimanapun, telah dicipta oleh Henry Kucera dan W. Nelson Francis seawal tahun 1960-an. 2.0 Kaedah korpus lingustik Corpus Linguistik telah menjana beberapa kaedah penyelidikan, cuba untuk mengesan laluan dari data teori. Wallis dan Nelson (2001) mula diperkenalkan apa yang mereka dipanggil perspektif 3A: Anotasi, Pengekstrakan dan Analisis. . Anotasi terdiri daripada permohonan skim untuk teks. . Pengekstrakan terdiri daripada terjemahan (pemetaan) istilah di dalam skim ini kepada terma dalam model didorong secara teori atau dataset. Pengekstrakan biasanya termasuk ahli bahasa-diarahkan carian tetapi mungkin termasuk contohnya, memerintah-pembelajaran untuk parsers. . Analisis terdiri daripada statistik menyelesaikan sesuatu, memanipulasi dan generalising dari dataset itu. Analisis mungkin termasuk penilaian statistik, pengoptimuman peraturan asas atau kaedah penemuan pengetahuan. Kebanyakan korpora leksikal hari ini adalah sebahagian-of-ucapan-tagged (POS-tagged). Walau bagaimanapun juga ahli bahasa corpus yang bekerja dengan 'teks biasa unannotated' tidak dapat tidak memohon kaedah untuk mengasingkan beberapa terma-terma penting. Dalam situasi ini anotasi dan abstraksi digabungkan dalam carian leksikal. Kelebihan menerbitkan corpus beranotasi ialah pengguna lain boleh melakukan uji kaji ke atas korpus. Ahli bahasa dengan kepentingan-kepentingan lain dan perspektif berbeza daripada ciptaan asal boleh mengeksploitasi kerja ini. Dengan berkongsi data, ahli bahasa corpus dapat merawat korpus sebagai lokus perdebatan linguistik, dan bukannya sebagai satu bentuk huruf lengkap pengetahuan. 3.0 Kelebihan korpus linguistik . Memberi akses kepada maklumat linguistik naturalistik. Seperti yang dinyatakan sebelum ini, korpora terdiri daripada "perkataan yang benar" teks yang kebanyakannya hasil daripada situasi kehidupan sebenar.Ini menjadikan korpora sumber kajian yang berharga untuk Dialektologi, sosiolinguistik dan gaya bahasa. . Memudahkan penyelidikan linguistik. Korpora boleh dibaca secara elektronik telah dikurangkan secara mendadak masa yang diperlukan untuk mencari perkataan atau frasa tertentu. Satu penyelidikan yang akan mengambil hari atau tahun untuk disiapkan secara manual boleh dilakukan dalam masa beberapa saat dengan tahap tertinggi ketepatan. . Membolehkan kajian pola yang lebih luas dan penempatan bersama kata- kata.Sebelum kemunculan komputer, linguistik korpus belajar hanya kata- kata tunggal dan kekerapan mereka. Teknologi moden dibenarkan kajian patters lebih luas dan penempatan bersama kata-kata. . Membolehkan analisis pelbagai parameter pada masa yang sama. Pelbagai program perisian linguistik korpus, pemasaran online dan alat-alat analitikal membenarkan penyelidik untuk menganalisis bilangan yang lebih besar daripada parameter serentak. Selain itu, banyak korpora diperkaya dengan pelbagai maklumat linguistik seperti anotasi. . Memudahkan kajian bahasa kedua. Kajian bahasa kedua dengan penggunaan bahasa semula jadi membolehkan pelajar untuk mendapatkan "perasaan" lebih baik untuk bahasa dan belajar bahasa seperti ia digunakan dalam sebenar dan bukannya "mencipta" situasi. 4.0 Kelemahan korpus lingustik . Tidak menjelaskan mengapa. Kajian korpora memberitahu kita apa dan bagaimana berlaku tetapi ia tidak memberitahu kami mengapa kekerapan perkataan tertentu telah meningkat dari masa ke masa misalnya. . Tidak mewakili keseluruhan bahasa. Korpus linguistik mengkaji bahasa dengan menggunakan korpora dipilih secara rawak atau sistematik. Mereka biasanya terdiri daripada sebilangan besar yang berlaku secara semulajadi teks, bagaimanapun, ia tidak mewakili keseluruhan bahasa. Analisis linguistik yang menggunakan kaedah dan alat linguistik korpus itu tidak mewakili keseluruhan bahasa. Deny Arnos Kwary dan Linguistik Korpus 02 March 2016 Dosen merupakan seseorang yang memiliki posisi terpenting dalam kelangsungan sistem pendidikan di setiap universitas seluruh dunia. Dosen akan selalu diharapkan agar dapat memberikan sebuah perkembangan besar dan signifikan dalam dunia akademik itu sendiri. Seakan membuktikan pernyataan tersebut, tahun ini salah seorang dosen sekaligus kepala Departemen Sastra Inggris Universitas Airlangga, Bapak Deny Arnos Kwary, tengah mengumumkan rencana penelitian besarnya yang harapannya akan menciptakan sebuah perkembangan besar dalam bidang yang beliau geluti, yaitu linguistik korpus. Penelitian tersebut berjudul Formulasi Klasifikasi Kosakata, Jenis Pemarkah Waktu, dan Bentuk Kalimat di Artikel Ilmiah Jurnal Internasional. Penelitian ini mendapatkan dana hibah dari Universitas Airlangga sebagai bentuk usaha universitas untuk meningkatkan publikasi ilmiah bagi tenaga-tenaga akademiknya. Dosen di Indonesia terus didorong untuk menggiatkan publikasi di tataran internasional. Akan tetapi, seringkali dosen kesulitan dalam mengumpulkan hasil penelitiannya ke jurnal-jurnal kelas

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Using Readability Formulas

Using Readability Formulas Any readability formula is one of many methods of measuring or predicting the difficulty level of text by analyzing sample passages. A conventional readability formula measures average word length and sentence length to provide a grades and Observations, below. Five popular readability formulas are the Dale-Chall readability formula (Dale Chall 1948), the Flesch readability formula (Flesch 1948), the FOG index readability formula (Gunning 1964), the Fry readability graph (Fry, 1965), and the Spache readability formula (Spache, 1952). Examples and Observations: Because researchers have been examining readability formulas for almost 100 years, the research is comprehensive and reflects both the positive and negative aspects of formulas. Essentially, research firmly supports that sentence length, and word difficulty provide viable mechanisms for estimating difficulty, but they are imperfect. . . .As with many tools that work with normally developing readers, readability formulas may require some tweaking when the target population includes struggling readers, learning-disabled readers, or English language learners. When readers have little or no background knowledge, readability formula results may underestimate the difficulty of the material for them, particularly for English language learners. (Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, Tools for Matching Readers to Texts: Research-Based Practices. The Guilford Press, 2008) Readability Formulas and Word Processors Today many widely used word processors offer readability formulas along with spell checkers and grammar checkers. Microsoft Word provides a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Many teachers use the Lexile Framework, a scale from 0 to 2000 that is based on average sentence length and average word frequency of texts found in an extensive database, the American Heritage Intermediate Corpus (Carroll, Davies, Richman, 1971). The Lexile Framework circumvents the need to perform ones own calculations. (Melissa Lee Farrall, Reading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition. John Wiley Sons, 2012) Readability Formulas and Textbook Selection There are probably more than 100 readability formulas currently in use today. They are widely used by teachers and administrators as a way of predicting if a text is written at a level appropriate for the students who will use it. While we can say with relative ease that readability formulas are fairly reliable, we need to be cautious in using them. As Richardson and Morgan (2003) point out, readability formulas are useful when textbook selection committees need to make a decision but have no students available to try out the materials on, or when teachers want to assess materials that students may be asked to read independently. Basically, a readability formula is a quick and easy way to determine the grade level of written material. However, we must remember that it is only one measure, and the grade level obtained is only a predictor and thus may not be exact (Richardson and Morgan, 2003). (Roberta L. Sejnost and Sharon Thiese, Reading and Writing Across Content Areas, 2nd ed. Cor win Press, 2007) The Misuse of Readability Formulas as Writing Guides One source of opposition to readability formulas is that they are sometimes misused as writing guides. Because formulas tend to have just two major inputs- word length or difficulty, and sentence length- some authors or editors have taken just these two factors and modified writing. They sometimes end up with a bunch of short choppy sentences and moronic vocabulary and say that they did it because of a readability formula. Formula writing, they sometimes call it. This is a misuse of any readability formula. A readability formula is intended to be used after the passage is written to find out for whom it is suitable. It is not intended as a writers guide.(Edward Fry, Understanding the Readability of Content Area Texts. Content Area Reading and Learning: Instructional Strategies, 2nd ed., edited by Diane Lapp, James Flood, and Nancy Farnan. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004)Dont bother with the readability statistics. . . . The averages of sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, and characte rs per word have little relevance. The Passive Sentences, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level are computed statistics that dont accurately assess how easy or hard the document is to read. If you want to know whether a document is hard to understand, ask a colleague to read it. (Ty Anderson and Guy Hart-Davis, Beginning Microsoft Word 2010. Springer, 2010) Also Known As: readability metrics, readability test

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Organisational Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Organisational Theory - Essay Example Needless to say, the resultant assumption is that public sector organisations should undergo a process of organisational restructuring as would allow for the adoption of more efficient and effective management paradigms. There are, however, two problems in the above stated. The first is that the notion of decentralised organisational structures as being more inherently suited for the adoption of total quality and other management paradigms which allow for efficient and effective proactive responses to shifting external environmental conditions, than are centralised organisational structures, is fallacious and based on assumptions and not fact (Cane and Thurston, 2000; Flynn, 2002; Dent, Chandler and Barry, 2004). The second is that, ultimately, organisational structure must be consciously selected on the basis of that which is most suitable for the organisation in question, the culture which it aspires to and the demands of the industry in which it is located and the market which it serves. As a strategy for determining the relationship between organisational structure and organisational performance, the research will critically analyse both of centralised and decentralised organisational structures, together with a review of ... ave determined that public sector organisations are largely modelled after the traditional bureaucratic organisational structure, as influenced by Weber (Gibson, 1966; Cane and Thurston, 2000; Dent, Chandler and Barry, 2004). The implication is that all of the four components of organisational structure-labour division, departmentalisation, span of control and scope of decision-making-are shaped by bureaucratic-traditionalist managerial theory. This, according to numerous management scholars, has only served to offset an organisation's inherent capacity for flexible response to changing external conditions and has, in the long run, resulted in the formulation of mechanistic and atrophying organisations (Gibson, 1966; Ford and Slocum, 1977; Cane and Thurston, 2000; Flynn, 2002; Dent, Chandler and Barry, 2004). As explained by Flynn (2002) among others, labour division within the public sector organisation is invariably highly specialised. Task specialisations are clearly articulated and each employee has a specific set of job functions, clearly set out in his/her job description, which he/she must operate by (Bourgeois, 1984; Bourn and Bourn, 1995; Flynn, 2002). While the advantages of specialisation and clearly articulated job descriptions are practically too numerous to articulate, the disadvantages are enormous. Certainly specialisation implies that employees are often matched to jobs according to their skill-sets and explicit job descriptions mean that employees always have a clear understanding of the tasks they are required to perform and know the boundaries of their professional responsibilities (Bourgeois, 1984; Bourn and Bourn, 1995; Flynn, 2002; Mctavish, 2004). Excessive specialisation, however, as is often the case with private sector organisations